How to Increase Google Reviews

How to Increase Google Reviews: Best & Easy Tricks

How to Increase Google Reviews: Best & Easy Tricks

Are you looking to get more Google reviews in 2023? Learn the steps to supercharge your online reputation and get noticed digitally.

If your local business struggles to attract customers, even after playing around with your website’s SEO, it might be time to switch things up. Rather than just focusing on technical stuff, engaging with your audience better is crucial. Therefore, locals are more likely to value your brand.

Let’s begin with the plan. Make a Comment section on your website where your customers can comment. When others see these reviews, they’re more likely to trust you.

When potential customers search online, the more ideas you gather, the greater the chance they will find your company.

Would you like to know why local businesses need Google reviews so much? Don’t look outside. Diving deep into Google Reviews, let’s check how to boost them together.


How to Increase Google Reviews
How to Increase Google Reviews



Is it essential for a local business to have more Google reviews?

We get it – you’re probably thinking about things like SEO, social media, and making customers happy. But here’s the thing: few folks talk about online reviews, even though they’re essential.

Having established that Google cares so much about reviews, let’s now consider why you should also care. It might surprise you how valuable they can be! Now that we know why Google My Business reviews are so critical. So let’s find out how to get more.


1: Get More Leads

When folks write reviews about your business, something magical happens – trust builds up. Get this: 88% of customers trust excellent and bad reviews as much as if a friend recommended a product. Therefore, having your official website filled with thoughts is akin to waving a flag that catches the attention of search engines. And guess what? More eyes on your business means more people checking out what you offer!


2: Boost Your Ranking

Here’s another critical point: sharing feedback on Google reviews is essential, but the positive reviews set top-notch businesses apart. Google itself backs this up – they’ve confirmed that consistent positive reviews make a difference in how high your business shows up in local searches. So, those shiny stars matter more than you might think!


3: Save Money

Think of it this way: more Google reviews are like getting free advertising! So, remember to share the link to your Google review page with your customers. Whether their feedback is positive or not, when they take the time to share their thoughts, it helps build your business’s reputation as trustworthy on Google. Every review helps shape a positive image!


4: More Sales

When people write good reviews about a product, they encourage others to buy it. Do you know how we all like to shop online these days? When we’re wondering if something’s good, we often check out what other customers have to say. So, if there are lots of positive reviews, it’s more likely that people will feel confident about buying that product.

Studies show that most people read around ten reviews on Google before they decide to buy something. So, if a business has many good reviews from real customers, it can help them. And the best part? They don’t have to go and buy fake reviews – they can gather real ones over time, which will make a big difference for their local business.


Getting More Google Reviews for Your Business Page


Let’s Talk about how you can get people to leave reviews on Google for your business. It’s not too complicated, and I’ve got a couple of simple methods to share with you:


Know How It Works

No worries, leaving a review on Google is a breeze. It’s like a quick one-minute thing where you can share your thoughts about a business. The neat part is finding a business’s Google review page is a snap using Google Maps. Just type in the company name and its profile shows up, where folks can leave their reviews.


You can also link to your Google review page from your website so that things run even more smoothly. You could even share a quick video that walks people through leaving a Google review. That’ll help them to know what to do.


Make It Easy for People to Review on Google

Want more Google reviews? Here’s an easy way: create a quick link that takes customers to the review spot.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Google business account.
  2. Click “Get more reviews” or “Get your first review” on the Home tab.
  3. Find the “Share review form” and click it for a particular link.
  4. To share the link with your clients by email, text, or website, kindly copy it.

When customers click the link, they can write a review quickly. More checks, less hassle.


Get More Google Reviews Easily

To make things easy for future customers, click a link or a button on your webpage. This way, they can quickly get to where they need to go. Now, while the Google reviews thing is handy, there are other ways to get good customer feedback without being online.


One way is to shorten the Google review link using free tools that make links shorter. Create a QR code or make it stand out so users can quickly access the review page with their phones.

Once your particular link is ready, the next step is ensuring many people see it. It might assist you in making contact with potential clients and obtaining their opinions.

You can also buy google 5 star reviews from trusted website who provide real and safe google reviews for get reviews on your google business page.


Connect the Reviews Part with the Website

When folks are happy and want to share their thoughts, they’ll usually head to your website first – it’s like the starting point. We suggest a simple button telling them what to do to make it super easy. Something like, “You can share your thoughts here” works well. This button makes it clear and easy for happy customers to leave their reviews.


For example, if you put a button saying “Leave a review here,” it guides them to the business listing when they search locally. This way, it’s clear what they must do to leave feedback.


Make a Special Page

Make a unique page for reviews on your website. People love those online reviews, and if you put them on Google, it’ll impress potential customers.

Just make sure the review stuff is easy to find in the menu. Show the newest reviews first, and let folks filter by what they care about, like ratings.

Here’s a neat trick: add a button saying, “Get in Touch!” Let customers join in and share their stories based on what others say on Google. Can’t use words? No sweat, pics work, too!


And guess what? Those reviews are gold for search engines. They’ll boost your site in search results. Quick SEO win without considerable costs!

So, here’s the deal: Grab a review template to make your site remarkable. Or go easy with free tools that auto-sort Google reviews. How cool is that?


Make the Bottom Part Yours

Do you know what can make a difference? It’s where you put that button that says, “Do This Now!” Imagine your rival’s business might get more attention just because their control is in the right spot. Sure, having buttons on review pages and the homepage is excellent, but guess what? You can also sneak in another controller at the bottom, in the footer. Or you can use words that act like buttons – we call them “anchor texts.” This way, people won’t struggle to find the button, and it’s a win-win for you and your customers.


Let’s Make Some Cards!

Like sending a warm Christmas card to someone you care about, consider making a special review request card for your excellent customers. This trick works offline and helps you avoid fake reviews.


Here’s where the shortcut link comes in handy. It helps you get honest reviews without any fake stuff. It can also guide people to other review places if they want. You can keep it simple, like:


“Hey there, part of our big family! Please leave a review on Google. It’ll help others find us, and we’ll use your feedback to improve things. It’s super quick, just a minute. We’re counting on you. Have an amazing day!”


And you know what’s cool? Sending a card like this makes a strong connection and brings in more happy reviews.


Let’s Get Reviews Face-to-Face!

Here’s a simple trick to boost your online business: connect with your customers in real life and keep that personal touch alive. And the best part? You don’t need fancy stuff – just a small card with the Google review link works wonders.


When chatting with a happy customer, casually bring up Google reviews. Say something like, “I’m so glad you had a great experience! Would you mind sharing that on Google? Your words can help others.” It’s a friendly way to ask for their thoughts and spread the good vibes.


Let’s Make Things Super Easy!

Here’s a clever trick to get more reviews on your Google business profile: Just let people know how simple it is to leave a review. Tell them it’ll only take a minute to share their thoughts online. And be understanding – some folks find it tricky to put feelings into words.


Sometimes, loyal customers have trouble thinking up new things to say, or they write a whole novel. In those cases, you can suggest the following:

  • Just giving a star rating without writing anything
  • I am leaving a super short review, like two lines


Oh, and watch out for the words you use. “Leave a quick review” works better than “Write a review.” It’s all about making it as easy and comfy as possible.


Time to Shine on Social Media!

Managing your reputation has become more accessible because of social media. It helps businesses keep an eye on what customers are saying. If you get more reviews than you used to, your online plan is working well. But when things aren’t going great, being open and talking to customers is essential.


A trick some businesses use is to put up pictures of excellent feedback. They also ask other customers to share their experiences by clicking a link to leave a review. You could even tell people that leaving reviews, they’re helping others discover the good things your business offers.


Answering Google Reviews

When you request a review, make sure you reply to what customers say, whether it’s good or not so good. Staying calm can be challenging, especially when people are critical about your business. But it’s a good idea to answer all kinds of reviews, even the not-so-great ones. It shows you care about what customers think and helps strengthen the relationship between them and your business.


Did you know that when people read Google reviews, almost all of them, like 97%, want to see what the business says back?


It’s wise to have your customer support team ready to answer quickly. For the good reviews, say thank you. It makes your local business look even better. When it’s a bad review, try to see things from the customer’s point of view and resolve the issue. A negative review can become a positive by meeting the customer’s needs.


Video with Instructions

So, there’s this fantastic new way to help you out with leaving reviews. You can use a video to demonstrate how to get Google reviews instead of just sending a link. Videos are great because they’re visual, and folks tend to connect with them better. And guess what? Making these videos is pretty simple! You can use free tools for marketing, the fancy tech we have nowadays, and even create videos right at home. Cool, right?


Sending Lots of Emails Together

Since lots of folks hang out on their phones these days, using emails to ask them for reviews online is a smart move. This way, you can get the right people interested. Ensure the email feels personal like it’s talking directly to them.


Don’t make it tricky – put the main message right out there. Being straightforward is the way to go. It’s okay to ask folks to leave a review. It can help others who are looking to decide.

Sometimes, happy customers will leave reviews on their own, especially if it’s easy to do. Keep improving the process and updating your website to make sure you get positive responses.


Your Opinions Matter

Great businesses always think creatively and try new things instead of just doing the same old stuff. Instead of bugging people for reviews all the time, here’s a neat idea: When folks are filling out a survey on our business dashboard, we can ask them to share their experience, too.


See, since they’re already giving their thoughts on our services and giving suggestions, it’s a piece of cake to ask them for a quick 1-2 sentence review. Super easy!


Teammates from Other Companies

Get chatting with your partners and vendors! Ask them to share how it’s been working with your company and what they think of the whole experience. Even though they’re not regular customers, their point of view can give a fresh spin to your brand when they write reviews. And you know what? That can reel in more business your way.




That wraps up our complete guide on how to effectively gather Google reviews! This article has given you a new way of looking at reviews, and you’ll start seeing them as a neat marketing strategy. Next time you’ve got a thumbs-up experience with a business, think about jotting down a review.


Many folks need help to leave Google reviews simply because they need to realize how awesome it is for the brand or other folks looking for info. If you can explain the reason behind dropping a quick review or a rating, it becomes easier to rack up those Google reviews and make your brand shine.


Once people catch on that sharing their stories can boost your business, it’s smoother sailing to build a solid connection that helps both sides.


Need a hand with getting more Google My Business reviews? Reach out to us!


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